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Michael Swanwick

Lucius Shepard (recorded)

The Orphan's Tales
road show
order Vol 1, Vol 2

Chris Barzak

Tom Doyle

Biographer Julie Phillips, editor and correspondent Barry N. Malzberg, and literary executor Jeffrey D. Smith discuss the life and work of Alice B. Sheldon, AKA James Tiptree, Jr.  Recorded 11/7/6 at the NY Review of SF Readings.

Web-only exclusive, and a strange one.  Our guests were writers Sarah Langan and JT Petty.  Sadly, WBAI's transmitter was not working, so we sat around waiting for the broadcast to start (which it never did.)  So about 38 minutes in we began to record an interview, only to discover that while we were not broadcasting, we were Webcasting.  Sarah has been back since, and will return again.

Guest S.C. Butler, author of Reiffen's Choice: Book One of the Stoneways Trilogy reads from and discusses his work.

Another experiment, and one which also worked well.  Slushmeisters John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen tell war stories about unsolicited manuscripts, and give advice oon how to get your story past the slush pile and to the editor's desk.

HotW favorites (and yours too, I trust) Rick Bowes and Ellen Datlow joined us to discuss and read from Ellen's latest anthology, Salon Fantastique.

Barry N. Malzberg
discussing the life and work of James Tiptree, Jr.  One of a series of Tip specials.

An experimental show featuring a writer's group, Altered Fluid.  One of the writers (Kris Dikeman) read a new story, and the others critiqued the work and let us in on the process of how the process can work.
Read Matthew Kressel's blog about the show.

Radio Drama: "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?", by James Tiptree Jr.  Max Schmid guest hosts.

Ellen Kushner8/19
Our guest was NPR host and World Fantasy Award-winner Ellen Kushner.

Our guest was writer Bill Shunn
     Some free stories by William Shunn online:  "Inclination", "Love in the Age of Spyware", "Strong Medicine", "Synchronicity
and the Single Girl
     Stories at Fictionwise

An interview with Julie Philips, author of James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon
     Read Janet Maslin's review  (requires free NY Times account)
Stories by Tiptree online:  "Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death", "The Women Men Don't See", "Painwise", "Beam Us Home"

Apr 08
Guests writer Brandon Sanderson & editor Moshe Feder

Apr 01
"The Servant" by Stanislaw Lem

Mar 18
Guest Andrea Hairston

Jonathan Lethem reads "Interview with the Crab" from the NY Review of SF Reading series

Mar. 04

Octavia Butler tribute w/ Sheree Renee Thomas

Guest Gordon Linzner

Guest John Ordover pitching

Guest Kris Saknussemm

Guest Terry McGarry

An interview with Octavia E. Butler

Tam Lin mix; Ysabeau Wilce reads; Alex Irvine reads

Guest Susanna Clarke -- Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Guest Bill Shunn read some of his wonderful short fiction and discussing (among other things)

ick Bowes discussed and read from his new mosaic novel, From the Files of the Time Rangers.

This morning's guest was sf great Barry N. Malzberg

Helen Kane mix; "A Sound of Thunder"; interview w/ Ray Bradbury

Writer Deborah Green

Our guest was Charles Ross, performing from his One Man Star Wars show.

Our guest was Bill DeSmedt, author of Singularity.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell10/23/4
Susanna Clarke
read from and discussed her phenomenal bestselling novel, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel, in an interview conducted 9/15/4

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10/29 -- Special!    10 PM  to  Midnight
Editor Angela C. Allen discussed her new anthology, Dark Thirst, stories of vampirism by African American writers.  Writer Linda Addison joined us.

Read about the Blue Moon of 2004, or visit Art Evans' Science Fiction Studies.

Mistress of the Pearl -- click here to buy or browse5/15
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Mystic Warrior -- click here to browse or buy5/22/4
Visit Tracy & Laura Hickman at their site.

Tobias Dark11/19/3
Say 'Hi' to the Automatic Vaudeville Web site.
Here's the cast list with credits, and here's the script.

This is probably the definitive Tam Lin Web site.
Click here for the playlist, compiled after the show.


Sharyn NovemberFirebird Books11/9
Visit the Firebird Books Web site, or else Sharyn November's personal site.

_Kiln People_ by David Brin

Learn more about (and perhaps buy a copy of) David Brin's novel, Kiln People.

Kage Baker6/1
Read an interview with Kage Baker at Amazon.




Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars5/18
Peruse a bibliography of Greg Cox.




RA Lafferty

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Dr. Paul Levinson3/23
Read about Dr. Paul Levinson's novel, The Consciousness Plague.

Read this morning's short story, 10^16 to 1, by James Patrick Kelly.

Check out Jim Rygiel's CV at IMDb.

Bilbo & GandalfDecember, 2001
Visit The LotR Movie Web site
Read AD Sullivan's Tolkien parody featuring some uncomfortably recognizable characters.
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Voltaire & Roach

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Borrowed Tides 5/5
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Not of Woman Born 4/21
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Terry McGarryIlliumination 4/14
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"Consonance & Dissidents"
The second in a series of programs presented by composer (and WBAI's Music Director Emeritus) Michael Sahl.   We heard works by  Frank Nuyts, Frederic Rzewski, Mark Henri Cykiert, Michael Sahl (audio link), and Robert Taylor.

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8/14/99, 10/10 & 17/98
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Charles Pellegrino
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May 16
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May 9
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